Something Something Catdog


What better way to start 2016 than with a good old-fashioned gaming competition? How about one that features some of my animation? With the latest update from Run or Die, you can now play with two additional protagonists!

Notice how the three characters are all different sizes? To avoid making new levels for each one, Team Flo stipulated that the new sprites must fit within the existing heroine's collision. These constraints made animating a challenge, but I'm proud of the resulting solution.

The Doc hunches to fit through the two-block-tall gaps in the walls.

The catdog carries volatile chemicals, so low ceilings are equally hazardous to its journey.

Yes, the game features a cat-dog hybrid! Break those piggy banks and head to Run or Die's Steam page.

Early Winter Gift/tbt


A surprise package arrived at the compound a few days ago. After it passed the security screening protocol, I was surprised to discover it contained a game I had worked on six years ago. Not only did Watermelon ship two physical copies of the game (Dreamcast and PC versions), but also they included a variety of merch and a hardcover, full-color strategy guide.

A spread featuring one of the bosses I made for Pier Solar.

Inspired, I cracked open the vault and dug through project archives for more images to showcase from the game.

This environment serves as a backdrop for battle scenes. While you observe a jungle, I only see a jungle of graphical restrictions.

Because the game was originally created as a Sega Genesis cart, I was limited to a 16-color palette (the pink designates transparency) with a 3-bits-per-RBG-channel color depth.

In addition, the background had to be built from 2 layers of 8x8 pixel tiles with a maximum of 255 tiles per layer. Fortunately, I was able to mirror individual tiles, which allowed me to get more mileage out of them and conserve the total tile count.

Layer 1 and its tile palette

Layer 2 and its tile palette

As a bonus, enjoy another battle background that my friend and former coworker, Andrew Bado, crafted for the game.