Back in 2005, it was popular for artists on Pixel Joint to contribute nerd culture characters to the Wee Project. When I browsed the submissions, I noticed a glaring omission from its lineup: the Doom Marine. A few pixels later, I had an avatar that would grace my posts for over a decade!

This depiction is long overdue for an update, which I have finally addressed.

Dashing Dinos


While working on Bush's Bean Dash at Psyop, I had an idea for another infinite runner based on evolving a creature to overcome hazards. I chose the “Dashing” title before Bean Dash had its, so this wasn't a case of imitation.

At the start of every playthrough, the player egg hatches into a random prehistoric creature. Additional ones can be unlocked by earning achievements or by purchasing them from the in-game store. Skills vary by creature, but all are vulnerable to falling meteors and stampeding woolly mammoths. After the creature's eventual death, the player chooses from a list of perks to augment the next creature for its run, playing on the theme of adaptation.

The game concept didn't get much further than this image, mostly due to Bean Dash's ambitious development cycle.