Mysterious New Year


The calendar has worked its magic once again. What better way to celebrate a brand new year than by showcasing a collaborative piece I finished about 14 months ago? Don't answer, that was rhetorical.

I chose to work with Marat because of his marvelous sense of color and lighting. If you need further proof, check out his PixelJoint gallery page. We used word association to build the scene: a detective discovers a murder in rainy industrial England. After several rounds of compositional sketches, we divided the piece into segments.

I ended up with 1, 5, 7, 3, and 10, but we only loosely adhered to the boundaries, especially by the end of the project. With our busy schedules, it took more than a year to finish.

Time well spent.

The 90s


The second commercial I worked on for Psyop recently aired, promoting a National Geographic special about the 1990s. You can watch it here.

Its creation involved revisiting a title that greatly influenced my childhood: Simcity. The visuals needed to be similar enough to evoke nostalgia, but at a finer granularity to ensure that OJ's white Bronco would be recognizable.

Here's a detail still of the beachfront. The repeated tiles not only reflect Simcity's game play but also save on creation time.