The 90s


The second commercial I worked on for Psyop recently aired, promoting a National Geographic special about the 1990s. You can watch it here.

Its creation involved revisiting a title that greatly influenced my childhood: Simcity. The visuals needed to be similar enough to evoke nostalgia, but at a finer granularity to ensure that OJ's white Bronco would be recognizable.

Here's a detail still of the beachfront. The repeated tiles not only reflect Simcity's game play but also save on creation time.



I have two pieces of news for you, internet traveler!

As you may already be aware, my site now has a blog. I plan to update it periodically with exclusive artwork and art-related updates from my life.

Secondly, the good folks at Psyop hired me last spring to create the graphics for a Bush's Beans mobile game.

Get the game for your iOS device!

Get the game for your Android device!

Fig 1. Farm background

Because the game is an infinite runner, each background layer tiles with itself. In game, these layers scroll at a different speeds (horizontally and vertically). The resulting parallax effect gives the environment the illusion of depth. The atmospheric perspective reincorces the depth, even when the layers remain static.

Fig 2. Sprite run cycle

As long as Jay maintains his bean intake, he never fatigues.

Fig 3. Rake trap

Just like real life, hidden rakes are natural hazards found on any farm.


Click here for more information and screenshots of the game.

Watch the TV spot here.