Fresh Pixels: Portrait of the Artist as Ravenous Beast


It's been too long since I've carved out an afternoon to craft a personal artwork! When I learned a modified CGA graphics card could support additional 3-color palettes, it sparked the experiment below.

(original design)

(displayed on CRT)

I'm assured that the modification only requires the addition of a chip and a few wires in the appropriate places, all technology available back in the day. The end result: I could incorporate a mid-value shade, something sorely missing from CGA graphics. It's worth noting that the old school aspect ratio displays the pixels taller on the hardware.

For more information on the technical aspect, refer to this thread!


Fresh Pixels: Mota Mouse


It's been a tough year for fans of Herculean Pixel. I've been toiling under NDAs, so current work has been on scarce display. I hope this piece will assuage your despair, albeit temporarily.