Powerpoint Illustrations


You can see my illustrations in several presentations for the upcoming Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas!

Like my video game work, this project required a strategic approach. I strove to balance the art with the text, enriching the slides without overpowering the concepts being taught. 

With viewers sitting through multiple events, the presentation needed a charming style, something memorable but not patronizing. 

Because the training presentation featured over 30 illustrations, I relied on a recurring cast of characters and a common color palette for their creation. This approach helped streamline my workflow and unify diverse visual metaphors.
Each character represents a different aspect of training: the teacher, the tools, and the users. Establishing these relationships provides context for later illustrations, enabling quicker comprehension.


To commission illustrations to spice up your own presentation, send me an email!

The Sandbox: Women Need Mars


The good people at Pixowl recently hired me to create original works using their mobile world builder, The Sandbox Evolution. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to revisit some ideas I had for standalone pieces, but never got around to finishing (or starting, in some cases). 

For my first piece, I dug up the sketch below (2009?) and polished it into a full scene. 

This is the screencap version:

Here's what it looks like on my actual iPad. 

When revisting the concept, I experimented with dynamic symmetry to constuct a visually pleasing composition. I plan to describe this approach in a future post once I become better acquainted (and have more free time).  

To set the otherworldly mood, I relied upon a triadic color scheme consisting of 16 shades plus a special red that has an effect similar to the color cycling of yore. To see it in action, you'll have to view the piece on your iOS or Android device.