Fresh Pixels: Daggers of Dagon


Please welcome my newest personal work to the online gallery! The 1985 arcade classic Shao-Lin's Road inspired this mockup, which I imbued with an Ancient Near East theme. Outside of my visit to the Morgan Library's Antoine de Saint-Exupéry exhibit in 2014, I have never felt closer to Le Petit Prince than when I was drawing the sheep sprite.

The resolution upscales cleanly to both 720p and 1080p, but some of the pixel essence is lost at this granularity. For an actual game, I would opt for a smaller screen size, even if it needed a border for HD display.

In terms of technique, even banding and double pixels can be useful to the rendering. I wasn't feeling anti-aliasing... so I didn't.

Here's a sample page of pencil studies I made in preparation for this piece. 

Thanks for stopping by!

The Sandbox: Women Need Mars


The good people at Pixowl recently hired me to create original works using their mobile world builder, The Sandbox Evolution. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to revisit some ideas I had for standalone pieces, but never got around to finishing (or starting, in some cases). 

For my first piece, I dug up the sketch below (2009?) and polished it into a full scene. 

This is the screencap version:

Here's what it looks like on my actual iPad. 

When revisting the concept, I experimented with dynamic symmetry to constuct a visually pleasing composition. I plan to describe this approach in a future post once I become better acquainted (and have more free time).  

To set the otherworldly mood, I relied upon a triadic color scheme consisting of 16 shades plus a special red that has an effect similar to the color cycling of yore. To see it in action, you'll have to view the piece on your iOS or Android device.