Killer Queen Black Animations


Welcome to a brand new post about a game from a simpler time, 2018. That year I joined a creator panel to present Killer Queen Black to the gaming convention Play NYC. The title garnered much excitement, as both a sequel to and the first home port of the popular arcade original. Despite the (then) unfinished state of the game, the demo match on stage quickly became competitive.

Fast forward to recent sad news for the community: online multiplayer is no more. The platform Killer Queen Black relies on, Gamesparks, has been discontinued. While local play lives on, our multiplayer battles deserve a farewell salute. To commemorate, here are some of my my favorite animations I contributed to the game. Due to the abundance of character actions, inbetweens, and character skins, I ended up drawing over 2300 frames total! Credit belongs to our art director, Blake Reynolds for designing the base sprites.

Behold the notorious snail feast! For those unfamiliar with the mechanics, runners can sacrifice themselves to interrupt the snail's journey. Blake Reynolds animated the eating interaction, which I then reskinned for every worker type. 

The next bunch are entrance animations for the character selection screen.

Blake Reynolds made the rough frames for the queen entrance above.

Here's a traditional victory dance for one of the runners.

As a bonus, please enjoy an assortment of emote popups I made. It was challenging to keep them readable and expressive with the small size and limited framecount (24 each).

Fresh Pixels: Mermaid Sushi


After years of miring other Mermay submissions, I finally made my own!

She's using chopsticks, of course. Most mermaids don't even own a dinglehopper. If there's a better place to eat raw fish than the beach, I've never been there. Unless you're thinking of the bathtub. I'll give you that one. The lobster fight was inspired by a bad game that knows what it did and has remained in timeout for the month. The palette is 16 colors.