New Release: BlockWorks


The team that brought you Rivers & Rails has developed a new tool, one that puts unlimited building blocks at your fingertips: BlockWorks. These 3D pixels can be stacked and painted to form buildings, vehicles, people, or something that would make Picasso throw his iPad out the balcony window.


The Fiji Mermaid sails the grid.


You can get a copy on the App Store!

Live Event: Blackwell


On October 16, Museum of the Moving Image, as part of its ongoing "Well Played" events, will turn the spotlight on an adventure game franchise made and set in New York City: Blackwell. I plan to attend, so it'll be a good opportunity to get my new business card or maybe talk about annular fusion. Admission will be free, so pocket the excuses!

Many credit the Blackwell series with spearheading the revival of the point-and-click adventure genre. In contrast to many mainstream titles, its episodes grapple with philosophical questions surrounding identity, loss, and closure. A dash of the supernatural rounds out its blend of urban fantasy and sleuthing.

I contributed art to three out of the five episodes: Legacy, Convergence, and Epiphany. In fact, I still get flashbacks from Legacy's development, when I regularly worked until 3AM to meet deadlines before sleepwalking to my day job mere hours later.

I plan to share some Blackwell art I unearthed from my archives in a future post, but until then, enjoy the following comparison.

The Evolution of Rosa's "Snarky" Expression

Blackwell Legacy (2006)

Blackwell Convergence (2009)

Blackwell Epiphany (2013)

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